Rap Genius ft. Perseverance & Chino XL [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway​)​]

from by AWKWORD [@AWKWORDrap]

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Track 12 of 19 on 'World View' [DJBooth.net, 02-02-14].

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"I'm White Ali, Black Jesus, Bad Santa
36 bees, Rap Genius, can't stand ya
Dante, and it's a cold day in Hell
Like the New York City streets, something smells
It's undisputed, I'm underrated, I'm Raymond Felton
It's from the music for when you play it to David Geffin
They say it's great in Heaven, it'll make up for this
But it was written by people afraid not to exist
I thought of everything, even slitting my wrists
Now I use my favorite weapon to awaken you kids
It aint all peace, man, we cant trust the police
And I bet you as a youth you got touched by a priest
We supposed to be civilized, still nuts in the streets
Everybody say Darwin, taking cuts from the weak
And Hip Hop, it's not immune to the wackness
Half the best artists still placed on the blacklist
A lot a stylists, starting rap careers
I bet their whole bandwagon, they'll be gone in a year
A trend is a trend, and the end is the end
So when dude's light fades, most of 'em are pretend
But not for you, cause you here, and you fux with us
That's love, you're why I feel that I can, open up
Im thankful, for all yall, put your trust in us
And ill do everything I can, not to fuck, it up" -- AWKWORD


from World View - Charity LP, track released February 2, 2014
Vocals: AWKWORD, Perseverance, Chino XL | Production: The White Shadow