Cruel Intentions ft. Skyzoo & Rapper Big Pooh [prod. by Jakk Wonders (South Africa​)​]




Off the #PTheWyseVol2 tribute album, presented by Kyle W. Knapp Creative, the lead single "Cruel Intentions" is produced by South Africa's Jakk Wonders (FKA The Militia) and features Skyzoo, Rapper Big Pooh and AWKWORD, with DJ Fonz Solo on the cuts.

100% of the proceeds from this song, and album, are being donated to the family of the late, great Earl Patrick McNease aka Praverb aka P the Wyse.

#RIPPraverb #PraverbForever


[Verse 1: AWKWORD]
Compassionate person who's always cared about people
Gave you #ProtestRap, back before it became cool
Different rules for everybody, even in the same school
Life in this cruel world, AWK's the fallen angel
Bearded grimy dirty, dressed in rags
Get the same kinda respect as poor Black boys' dads
And the Hip Hop, we rock with, all based on fads
Judging ourselves, based on White man's class
That wasn't in the PRAVERB, we fighting for change
And every single penny counts, you feel this pain!?
We face the teargas, rubber bullets, batons and snow
Good people die, we got no other place to go
Every corner of this earth, raped by Colonials
Imperialism, from Barack to the Cops shows
From Mexico to Palestine, our people are dying
With every Wikileak we see our government's lying
NSA, CIA, FBI, spying
And don't forget the cat on the corner, who stay prying
#HandsUpDontShoot, #ICantBreathe
We straight up, can't stop, 'til blind man sees.


released September 17, 2015
Lyrics/Vocals: AWKWORD, Rapper Big Pooh, Skyzoo | Production: Jakk Wonders | Cuts: DJ Fonz Solo | Mix/Master: Trilian (Serbia) | Cover Art: Good Idea (Italy)